Spring contact

  • more than 200 types of standards for customer selection
  • many kinds of surface treatment, ex: gold plating, tin plating
  • offering customized spring contact

EMI Finger strip

EMI Finger strip EMI Finger strips are made of beryllium copper which material offers excellent spring characteristics and high electrical conductivity. Our finger strips have superior electronic resistance for EMI solution. They are ideal for door gaskets where an...

Metal stamping parts

Metal stamping partsAJATO Co., Ltd. have 3 kinds of metal stamping machine can solve customer’s stamping problem. We are not only a professional manufacturer but also a solution provider. We can follow customer’s design and make OEM product for them. Our advanced...

Solder preform

Solder preform Solder preforms are used in all kind of applications that require precise amounts of solder. We can produce the shapes like squares, rectangles, discs. The minimum thickness of material is 0.05mm. We can also make the shape of solder performs as...